Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thanks for Your Generosity!

Hello Bethany families!
We have officially launched the 2013-2014 school year, and things are off to a great start! You can sense the incredible level of enthusiasm and positive energy among our students, parents, faculty, and staff. This atmosphere makes it a lot of fun to be part of the Bethany family!

During the past two summers at Bethany, our team has worked very hard to ensure that our school's facilities and resources are top-notch. Thanks to the generosity of our school families and church community during our two major annual fundraisers -- Boosterthon and the Auction, we have been able to make a number of significant upgrades to our campus. It's always good to know the impact of your generosity, so I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight thirty upgrades made to Bethany's campus during the past fourteen months.

  1. 30 iPads for classroom use
  2. A Mobile iPad Cart (36-Unit)
  3. Wireless Access Points Blanketing the Campus
  4. A Guest Network for Wireless Access
  5. Overhead Mounted Projectors & Screens in Each Classroom
  6. Apple TV connections (enabling interactive iPad instruction)
  7. Security Surveillance System Covering the Entire Campus
  8. New Graphic Arts Program & Software for MS Students
  9. New Online Reading Comprehension Program
  10. New Signage around the Campus
  11. Newly Renovated Art Room
  12. Newly Renovated Music Room
  13. Newly Renovated 2nd Grade Classroom
  14. Newly Created Media Center (22 Laptops)
  15. Newly Renovated Teacher Workroom
  16. New MacBook Pros for Our Teachers
  17. Upgraded PCs for Administrative Personnel
  18. Office Renovation for our New Director of Academics
  19. Biblical-Themed Murals on Campus Walls
  20. Integrated VOIP Phone System for Entire Campus
  21. Updated Wiring in the Preschool Building
  22. Fiber-Optic Cable (beneath 9th Street)
  23. Integrated Networks to Allow for File-Sharing
  24. A Ministry Outreach Coordinator
  25. A New Nursery ("The Creation Station")
  26. Drywall over Cinder-Blocks in Downstairs Classrooms
  27. Newly Painted "Green-Top" Courtyard (reducing heat)
  28. New In-House Digital Camera to Record BCS Events
  29. A Contract for Hardcover Yearbooks (coming this year)
  30. New Online Platforms for Grades & Communication

With an incredible faculty, an impressive academic profile (top 4% in the nation), and upgraded facilities, Bethany is a top-tier private school in Broward County. And word is now getting out. Last year, Bethany set an opening day enrollment record with 265 students. This year, we set yet another enrollment record -- opening our doors with 291 students (305 students, if you count the nursery).

Along with the blessing of growing enrollment numbers comes the challenge of spatial needs on our existing campus. Last year, we added a second Kindergarten class. This year, we added a second first-grade class. Our team has already drawn up plans to ensure that our facilities can accommodate two classes for each elementary grade going forward. We are planning an expansion campaign for Bethany! This year's fundraising goals will be devoted to short-term expansion needs as well as the development of exciting new academic programs.

It is a great time to be a Bethany Bobcat! Thank you so much for your past support, and we hope that you will partner with us for the exciting days ahead!  


Sam Kastensmidt
Bethany Christian School

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