Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Has God Abandoned You?

On November 17th, I was blessed with the privilege of preaching at Rio Vista Community Church, and I wanted to share this message with our Bethany family.

To listen, click the sermon title below.
Jesus' Triumph Over Satan's Temptations

Just as the sheep are called to know the voice of our Shepherd, so too are the sheep expected to recognize the whispers of our great adversary. As we read about Jesus' triumph over the devil’s greatest temptations, we discover that our Savior is the only unfailing hero in this world. Our God willingly embraced a life of suffering, so that he could sympathize with our tears and secure our fate in heaven. Incredibly, Jesus loved us too much to accept a kingdom without the Cross. And he did all of this for us! So when the familiar whisper of Satan comes to you in the midst of your greatest moments of suffering (“If God really loved you, he would never allow you to suffer"), let us remember the faithful example of our Savior who persevered through suffering and refused to let go of the faithful promises of God.

I pray that this message richly blesses and encourages your heart!

In Christ,

Sam Kastensmidt
Bethany Christian School

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