Thursday, November 14, 2013

Letter to BCS Middle School Parents...

Hello BCS parents,


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the privilege of teaching your sons and daughters. As you know, I have taken on the role of teaching Bible this year, and it has been such a great joy for me. I have been so impressed by the maturity and wisdom expressed by your kids. As a teacher, I have always had very high expectations for my students, but I confess that their ability (and eagerness) to grasp the most important concepts of life has been quite impressive — especially considering that they are in the middle-school stage of life. They are an awesome bunch of kids, and they have absolutely dominated my high-school level Bible curriculum. Our textbook is being used in three private, Christian high schools in Broward County, and I’d put my students up against any of their students!


In each of my classes, we have had so many great conversations about life, the grace of God, Christian ethics, philosophy, and the most important priorities in life. From my perspective, the students seem genuinely excited to learn about the Scriptures, which has really blessed my heart. Along with you, I am hopeful that their deepening relationship with God is giving them a solid foundation for the rest of life.


The Middle School years can be among the most challenging developmental years in all of life. As I mentioned during the Open House, each of the teachers in the BCS Middle School considers ourselves to be partners in shepherding your child’s heart. If you ever notice an area where your child needs encouragement or discipleship, please let us know. While we are absolutely committed to providing the best academic environment possible, each of us serves at Bethany Christian School because we feel called to help shepherd and shape the hearts of our students for a lifetime to come.  


Again, thanks for the opportunity and privilege that we have in loving and teaching your kids!



Blessings in Christ,


Sam Kastensmidt


Bethany Christian School

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